Fiction writing coaching, editorial help & novel writing classes 


Do you need a coach to help you write your book?

Is your novel a newly-started project?

Perhaps your memoir is only part-finished?

Need somebody to help you out along the way?


The Writing Coach is a service intended to help writers-in-progress, specifically with unfinished or new work. I provide novel writing classes and fiction/non-fiction writing coaching sessions, supported by creative experience and industry knowledge, to help you to produce a book you will be proud of. 


All writers need feedback, and waiting until the very end of a full-length manuscript could mean you've worked without any editorial input for years. Novel writing is a lonely job, and you may have missed out on the opportunity to head-off mistakes before you've spent months writing them. The Writing Coach (provided throughout Geelong, Victoria and Australia-wide) provides a cost-effective way to seek input into your writing, as you go. You don't need to submit a completed manuscript. Get advice on individual chapters or extracts of your work; get help with your plot, characters and prose moving forwards. International clients welcome.


I've previously helped clients with historical, literary, SF, fantasy, speculative, dystopian, thriller and horror fictions. The mechanics of writing and editing have much in common regardless of genre, so whatever project you're currently working on, I can help.


Learn how to -


* Improve your narrative voice - create the best storyteller for your work;

* Utilise structure and form - explore the many ways to unfold your narrative;

* Edit well - a how-to guide to tighten up your prose;

* Understand plot - exploit the key aspects of your story;

* Know your genre - learn why the codes and conventions of your project are important to your story;

* Focus on non-fiction: know your market, improve your narrative voice.


Whether you're starting out with a few pages of scribbled notes, the bare bones of a plot, or you already have your first chapters written, The Writing Coach can help. I recommend that you start with a minimum of two hours' coaching. I'll read a good chunk of your work, do a sample line-edit, make notes on the manuscript, and then we can discuss how you might proceed. To get in touch, please use the contact form here. It doesn't matter where in the world you're based!