'How do I get published?'


'How do I get my novel published?' is a question often asked by aspiring writers.


'Publish my book' and 'How do I get my novel published?' are two of the most popular phrases typed into search engines by writers. The problem is, using search terms like this can lead you straight to self-publishers (sometimes known as 'vanity publishers'). While there's nothing wrong with self-publishing, it's important that you know the difference between this and mainstream publishing, so that you don't get sucked into paying for your book to be printed without realising that this isn't the only route to publication.


To help, I've written a blog devoted to explaining how to get mainstream published. Mainstream publishing means that your novel or non-fiction work will be published by a company who offer editorial advice, then print and market your book without you spending a penny. Read the blog here.


Rather than write a whole new blog on self-publishing, I've linked to three articles by my lovely colleagues, Jericho Writers. These will tell you everything you need to know, should you decide to go down the self-publishing route:


The Jericho guide to self-publishing.

Jericho Writers self-publishing blog.

The Jericho guide to the pitfalls of self-publishing. 


But, before you're ready to think about publication, you've the whole process of writing and editing to consider. For some writers, this is a very long journey; others can complete a book within a year and are eager to know what the next step is. The links below cover all aspects of your writing journey. Click on them to reveal help and advice, whatever you're writing, whatever point you're currently at. Enjoy, and good luck!


Free Writing Guide, with links and resources.

What is Genre? 

Writing family history as historical fiction.

How will a writing coach help me? 

Will you read my manuscript?



Good luck!