How do I get published?


There are two kinds of publication: mainstream publishing, and self-publishing. Mainstream publishing means that your novel or non-fiction work will be published by a company who offer editorial advice, then print and market your book without you spending a penny. Self-publishing means that you pay a publisher or printer to print copies of your book, and/or you use a free service (like Amazon) to create e-books yourself. Some publishing companies will call themselves ‘hybrid models’, or ‘collaborative workshops’, or may ask for a donation towards costs, but the bottom line is, if you you're asked to pay for it, or if you do it yourself for free on-line, then it's self-publishing. 


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Before you're ready to think about publication, you've the whole process of writing and editing to consider. For some writers, this is a very long journey; others can complete the first draft within a year, and are eager to know what the next step is. The links below cover all aspects of your writing journey. Click on them to reveal help and advice, whatever you're writing, and whatever point you're currently at. 


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