Editorial service - The Script Doctor



Today, my Script Doctor service went live. I’m delighted to be able to offer editing and structural services for writers of fiction, non-fiction and memoir, based on everything I’ve learned and achieved over the past few years as a full-time writer/editor. 

In the last month I’ve been lucky to have two cracking novels to read and appraise, plus a wonderful short story by a very talented writer. My testimonials are coming in slowly and will be built on over time. 

In an environment where many editors avoid science fiction, fantasy and horror like the plague, these just happen to be my areas of special interest. 

I’ll also appraise and edit historical, women’s, YA, thrillers, crime, children’s and non-fiction – and anything else that lands on my desk! 

So, if you’ve been working on your script for a while, if you’ve polished it as much as you can, but still can’t quite break that glass ceiling, then I might just be able to help take your project a step further. 

Visit The Script Doctor page on my website. You're very welcome to get in touch, and see how I can help.

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