How can an editor help me? Stories from Geelong and regional Victoria

If you're interested in knowing how an editor can help improve your manuscript, I've written a blog about it here

One of the interesting things about novel editing in Geelong is how often the local landscape crops up in the fiction I read. I recognise place names and settings, sometimes even the odd historical figure from the town’s frontier past. Offering novel editing in Victoria also draws writers from a much wider landscape, which so far has included a psychopath in Apollo Bay, a 19th Century gold-miner from Ballarat, and a family historical saga set in pre-war Gippsland, to name only three. 

Whatever the focus of a client’s novel, when I write a structural report, I split it into areas of relevance. These can include an assessment of genre, a closer look at characterisation, plot, layout, the ‘show don’t tell’ rule, and a host of other things. The physical landscape, for example, can be important to an unfolding story. It can be so much more than simply a setting – landscape can paint a backdrop to the characters’ states of mind, it can create suspense or a sense of foreboding, or it can be used literally to hide dead bodies. The popular phrase ‘write what you know’ is repeated for good reason… your familiar locale can make a surprisingly good setting.

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