The PhD in Creative Writing

It’s been a long time since I blogged, mainly due to having moved to the other side of the world. I took a brief intercalation from my PhD, which helped with the readjustment, then picked up writing where I’d left off. Since then, we’ve moved house again, my eldest has started high school, my youngest has joined a very intensive junior gymnastics squad, and we’ve been adopted by a stray black-and-white cat called Puss, not necessarily in that order. All good stuff. 

Writing a novel is a long-term project, which is extended by the time you need to spend away from it in order to forget what you’ve written, and to see it anew with fresh eyes. Writing a PhD project over several years creates problems of its own, because if you carry on for as long as I have, then the nature of what you’re writing changes. I finally decided to hand the project in, so that it can’t continue to evolve. I’m soon to begin writing-up (less supervisor contact, but a definite commitment to finishing sooner rather than later). At last, I can see that the end is in sight. 

I have the next few weeks to finish the first full draft, and to complete the 20,000-word critical essay which supports why I’ve written what I’ve written, and explains what I’m trying to achieve. My supervisor will review my work, then I have a year or so to implement any suggestions. Meanwhile, I have a supernatural thriller part-written, a story which has been waiting for a time when I can give it more attention. I’m looking forwards to July, because it will be a month of new beginnings.

April 2019

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