What is a line edit?


Line editing involves making changes to a manuscript at a sentence-by-sentence level. 

A thorough line edit can crank up the tension in your work, by making the prose punchy and to-the-point. The purpose of this is to improve the storytelling…

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How do I write decent Women Characters?


Writing decent women characters is vital for the modern novelist, because surveys tell us that sixty per cent of all readers are female. The majority of editorial and commissioning staff in publishing houses today are also women. This means…

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The Day I Burned My ‘How-to-write’ Books 


Many years ago, when my bookshelves were filled with ‘how to’ manuals on writing, I remember struggling with the popular wisdom that writers should make a ‘character board’ for every character they invent. I associated these kind of pictoral…

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How do I get my novel published?


A client recently asked me how the mechanics of publishing work. This client has no interest in self-publishing; rather, he’s hoping to take the mainstream route when his novel is ready. I decided to blog about this because there…

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Why use an editor?

Why is editorial help important? How can independent advice improve a manuscript?


As a writer, you can only get so far on your own before you need an outside eye. Even bestselling authors have a regular editor. The…

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What is Genre?


Genre describes the category to which fiction (or non-fiction) belongs. Crime, romance, Sci Fi, fantasy, memoir - these are all examples of different genres. The question is, why is genre important?


Genre fictions (horror, fantasy, romance, crime…

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