Exciting news!

Fahrenheit Press tweeted the following. It won't last forever but it made me smile:

It's Book Launch Time...

The design team at Fahrenheit have created a wonderful cover (they also came up with the new title 'Iteration' to replace my working title 'Jennifer's Garden') - and the book is due to hit the shelves tomorrow. 

Here’s the…

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Recently, I came face to face with one of those odd little unsolvable mysteries.

I was ordering an on-line shop including ice cream for the kids, when I noticed that the Morrisons site had somehow put a picture of The…

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Out in paperback!

Fahrenheit Press's Chris McVeigh has signed The Eternity Fund, which is now a published e-book, and will soon become, for the first time, a paperback. This is after what seems like a very long wait, during which time the…

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Extract, 'The Eternity Fund'

Before starting to write the next instalment of The Eternity Fund, I read the original again to refresh my memory. It's so easy to forget bit-part characters' names and physical appearances, and what you called things (memory caplets, bleep-codes, hops, and a…

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Extract, 'Iteration'


‘Hey, you – prettygirl curlylocks,’ Grey leaned around the fire and fixed her eyes on Ottie. They were small, sharp, and dark. ‘Fix me another bowl of stew.’ 

Ottie straightened up. Grey held out her bowl. Her arm rippled…

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Writers’ Retreats


Having experienced a ‘taught’ retreat as an MA student battling with my debut novel, I have to say that I found it liberating.  

There’s nothing like escaping from the daily drag in order to be able…

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